Button box schematics

Good afternoon,
for a long time, I wanted to build my own button box for video games, and today, I started to look at the components I might use. I'm not a pro, so I wanted to publish the schematics I planned to use to see if they are suitable for what I want to do, before going further.

It might not be the wisest thing to start coding with something as complex but I am already quite invested.

At first, I would like to know if Vcc might provide a sufficient current (drawn from USB), considering most of the buttons will be powered at the same time.

Thanks in advance.

I see no current limiting resistors on the LEDs

What is the maximum current that you expect to draw at the same time ?
Having asked that it will almost certainly be better to use an external power supply rather than 5V from the Arduino as it is not designed for that purpose

What are the round objects such as the one connected to A0 ?

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Putting down a simple schematic is a good start.
Thanks for posting it properly.

Note: A LED needs a series dropping resistor, quite often 220 Ω is good.

Time to flesh out a final schematic before code is written.

It’s always a good idea to give links to components that you will be using.

What is your software experience ?
What is your hardware experience ?
Are you good with hand tools ?
Can you solder electronic components ?

Hello and welcome.

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I'm guessing the round things are buttons, although I don't know what the round thing connected to 2 and 3 is, and with, I think, AOM written in the middle.

Buttons should go between ground (0V) and the input pin, not to Vcc. You then use:


Have a read of digital pins for more information.

Thank you for your feedback.
Everything you see is a button. One of them have 3 different positions and is written as I O II
The LEDS are already in the buttons and are shown only for the connections. They are meant for up to 3Amps so I Hope they wont be too dark with current from a USB Port.
The point of connecting it to the PC was to draw current and being able to use it in game. I don’t know if it could be useful to power it from something else considering it has to be connected to the pc ?

I totally did not think to connect the buttons to ground, It might be way better

They are meant for up to 3Amps

:astonished: EEK !

Using USB as pwr supply the need for current is in order. That doesn't involve any built in 5 volt converter.

Regarding multiple button reading that can be done using one single analog input. Create a 5 resistor ladder from Vcc, +5, to GND and use each voltage stag to feed one button. The other side of the button is feeding the analog input. Use 1 kOhm resistors in the ladder an 100kOhm as pull down for the analog input.
This technic is used in a button/display shield and works well.
Button reading and decoding code is available if it's wanted.

Oops. Simple single LED, that's ok. 3 Amp… No, never, not a chance.