Button cell battery connection

Hi all,

I'm making an extremely simple circuit with an LED, a switch, and some batteries. One of the problems I'm trying to solve is how to best join two batteries in serial with wires on either end.

I want to use 1.5V AG10s (aka LR1130 aka 189) because I can get eight for a dollar at the dollar store, but I can't seem to find a manufactured holder for them.

I was making a stack with a wire, two batteries, and another wire all wrapped in electrical tape (simple enough, right?) but sometimes it comes apart. Any thoughts?

You might try heat shrink tubing instead of or in addition to the tape. Also check out the holders near the bottom of this page for an idea. www.microflierradio.com/Batteries.html

get a knife and scratch the hell out of the terminals, then you can solder to them with standard lead/tin solder.

It is not a good idea to solder batteries. Soldering is too slow and transfers too much heat to what is basically a sealed metal can full of chemicals. Lithium (in most coin-type cells) is particularly reactive. Tabs are spot-welded on (with a shield in place) to get the job done quickly before enough heat can be transferred to the battery to cause problems.

I've seen heat shrink used, worked OK. I've also seen 4 such cells in a battery holder intended for an N or maybe an A21 battery.

Maybe switch to a lithium coin cell, which is 3V so you only need one?