Button counter with LCD display


I'm relatively new to Arduino and I was after some help with my project, it seems relatively simple, here is what I want to do.

I have a 16x2 LCD display for my Arduino and I want it to display a message. On the top line I want it to display "MFP RVS UNIT" and on the second/bottom line i want it to display "Channel" and next to it a number. I want to be able to change the number by pushing two buttons, one controlling the first digit and another controlling the second digit.

Some help on writing a code for this would be extremely helpful, I am new to Arduino, especially LCD displays and buttons, so I need a fair bit of guidance on writing the code/sketch and the wiring of the Arduino/board.

Thanks JKMotum.

Goto Above left corner when you are in Arduino forum in your web browser and click on "Playground" here>> you should look for connecting the LCD's and read button clicks, just search there and follow the instructions that's simple.