Button Counter

Im trying to make a LED interface that will display multiple things. i will have two buttons. What im thinking is to have one button raise a certain value, and the other to lower it,(so like a variable from 0 - however many settings i want), the value starts at zero for its base setting, then when the up button is pressed, the value will increased and the display will change, the down is pressed and it will go back to say its 2 setting if it is at 3. I have no clue how to make this if statement because i am new to programming. Please help.

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Have you gone through and understand all the examples in the IDE.

Have you Googled this?

Ive attempted to but i found tid bits here and there but not enought to piece it all together for myself

Write us a small sketch that monitors two switches.

When the 1st switch is pressed, turn on a LED.

When the 2nd switch is pressed, turn off the LED.

I am sorry. I understand what i have to say, but i do not understand how to say it. I do not know what the commands do. If you know of some helpful tutorials, I will happily watch them.

Is this your home work?

Watch the YouTube series by Jeremy Blum.

Here is one example.

No, I am making a tv as a helmet for a cosplay project

Do you have a controller and a cable to connect it to the PC and a handful of switches, resistors, LEDs, capacitors, etc. to wire up some experiments?