Button Library constants changed from Arduino 022 to 1.0 (tigoe/Button)

Hi guys!

For those of you interested in button debouncing.

I tried to recompile my old sketch using Button.h (022) with the new Arduino Ver. 1.0 and the also new version of Button.h for 1.0, but I get error messages saying that constants PULLDOWN (or PULLUP) are not defined.

I reinstalled the Arduino 1.0 and the tigoe/Button, but still no luck, same errors.

I finally figured, by examining the library code, that you now have to use BUTTON_PULLDOWN or BUTTON_PULLUP instead of just PULLDOWN or PULLUP.

Now it works fine!

Maybe I'm wrong, but if I'm not, wouldn't it be convenient to document this.

Thank you.

I fixed it with:

#include <Button.h>

#ifndef PULLDOWN    // define constants used in previous version of Button.h for Arudino 0022