Button Not Working in Own Programm


im having trouble getting my Button to function. As soon as i Upload the Sample Code, the Button works as expected, but as son as is implement the same code into my Code it stopps working. Do you guys have any Idea.

Temper_Messungen.ino (3.92 KB)

Do your push buttons have a pull up (or pull down) resistor?

If not you have to enable the internal pullup resistors on the pushbutton inputs.

I use a pulldown resistor. If I change nothing on the hardware side and use the sample code it works. But not if I integrate the code in to my code.

Please give a description of the symptoms; "stops working" does not mean much.

One thing is that your LCD function blocks your code for a total of 15 seconds; during that time your code will not be able to read the buttons.