Button Panel

I am trying to control robots through my computer and arduino. What I need is a program with buttons that, when pressed, change certain outputs on the arduino. This makes it possible to have a set of buttons that activate and de-activate supplying voltage to each individual pin with the touch of a button, possibly through another computer using remote assistance. I have seen this done using SNAP packets, but I know nothing of how to recreate it, and the program I saw was not totally about controlling pinouts. I also have little knowledge of programming, so am hoping someone here could help me out.

If you are windows user you might look at Gobetwino: http://www.mikmo.dk/gobetwino.html

That looks cool. However, I am trying to get my computer to control my arduino. Thank you for the suggestion, though.

So the button panel you mention should be in software on a PC?

If that is the case, then you need to create a program that can communicate with Arduino over a serial port (not as complicated as it sounds)

This can be done with most programming languages / environments.

you should check out Processing which is free, and frequently used in other Arduino projects.