Button press outside door to trigger sound in headset.

What I want to do for a school project, is be able to have someone press a button to trigger a sound to play in my headphones. This doesn't mean I want people coming saying write it yourself or it's so simple just do this. I don't know how to do things on the actual board and how to write the code. I just need step by step guidance and assistance. Thank you.

I can do this two ways I have found. Keep in mind I don't know much.

  1. Have a button attached in a 3-D printed holding case mounted outside my room's door. A wireless dongle will send a single to the other end plugged into USB with my computer. A program (Don't know what program, need help on that too) on my computer would play the file/sound/song.

  2. Have a button attached to an arduino with a wireless dongle to another arduino on the computer. (I don't know if this is too complicated if #1 works, but if #1 doesn't work there is this I believe.

Please give me guidance on the code, parts, program, and everything I need, thank you.