Button to Bluetooth

Hi everyone.

New to Arduino. I could use some general guidance as to learning how to construct a circuit which allows the pressing of a button to send a Bluetooth signal. Eventually I will want to use the Bluetooth signal to trigger the playback of a sound sample on a phone app, but that’s later.

I am a newbie to the duino, but I have a basic understanding of circuits. I have an Arduino Uno and a Bluetooth RF tranceiver.

Thank you!

A BT module is simply a module to send/receive serial data. You would need something like an Arduino to convert your button press to a serial code to send to the phone app.

You will need to find out how the app is controlled so you can send the correct signals.


As weedPharma mentioned, Bluetooth communication is not very complicated. Here is a post I wrote some time ago, to communicate with Arduino using a HC-05.

If you want to respond to a button press. Do a digital read and if the condition met, then write to Bluetooth module.