Button vs Small Button

Hello everyone!!!

I'm working on a project and I broke one of my buttons (retard me). I replaced it with a small button but it doesn't seem to work. Is there any difference between a normal button and a small button, or did I just make a mistake at wiring/coding?

If your project worked before and now it doesn't it is likely to do with wiring or button used.

But referring to them as big or small, and not specifying how it doesn't work doesn't really help without know exactly what you are dealing with.
Pictures / Product #s / or number or pins for button information would be more helpful.
Saying what you expected to happen and what actually happened would be more helpful.

Just as a heads up some buttons are NC(Normally closed) and some are NO(Normally Open). So if you are experiencing the opposite of what you expect, then it is likely a case that your new button has the opposite default state.

Some buttons have four connections in them where as only two matter. The other two are just wired to the same place.

One trick is to wire the button to use the two lugs diagonally opposite each other, they will always be right.