Buttons + Servo Question

============================================================================================================= No further help needed. i found allot of scripts before like i said, and one of them actually worked, but i ballsed it up myself, by setting the speed so high that it went all the way, and then needing to go back to its proper position. by slowing down the speed it was all fixed.

============================================================================================================= Hello there programmers,

i want my servo(called myservo/on pin 9) to move right when i press one button(called button1/on pin 2) and move left when i press another button(called button2/on pin 3)

I have seen many scripts, but for some reason when i use those and i press the button, it turns to the right side but then it waits and then it just moves back... i have no idea how this is posible.

I hope you guys can help me.

King Regards, Djluuky