Buttons Triggering unexpectedly

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I was debating whether to jump in here because I am experiencing a similar issue with a much simpler circuit. My buttons open and close a curtain, however for simplicity my button wiring is similar to the circuit in the instuctables link below:

Button with nodemcu

At times I find that the curtain opens automatically possibly because of a heater turned on or some other type of circuit near by is switched on or off that causes interference (that's what I am thinking at least).

I was thinking that I would have to set some sort of delay in my script so the processor won't respond unless the button is pressed for 500ms or some other reasonable number. It is kind of a lazy solution, but I was here shopping for a more elegant one :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry to be a distraction.

Sorry to be a distraction.

You should actually just open a new thread in the Programming Questions forum.