buttons with built in leds


I am planning on making a switch panel for my computer and have so far got all the code sorted for making the buttons do what i want and im just starting to look at the wiring and physical layout.

Some of the buttons have built in leds that run on separate pins to the control ones.

When the whole panel is finished, I would like banks of buttons that each have a main switch turning them on and off.

So say i have a row of 6 buttons that do stuff on the computer - I would like a 7th switch that enables/disables their functionality - I thought this would be easy by just breaking the connections with the switch (breaker switch).

My question however is to do with the leds on the switches. If I only want the leds to light when the switches are active I thought I could just use the same breaker switch to break the power lines (5v line from arduino).

BUT, that means the 5v line and the input lines all connecting together at one pin of the breaker switch. Would connecting these lines damage the arduino or interfere with the other buttons functioning?

Just use a switch that has 2 poles for the 'breaker'.

aaah, i didnt think of that :P (mine are all single).

Out of interest tho, would wiring the 5v and input pins like that have knackered the board?

Post a schematic of how you have wired on of the buttons and LEDs so we can see.