Buy Atmega 2560 CHIP or similar chips having at least 64k on-chip

Where can I get Atmega 2560 chip(not board) or similar chips having at least 64kb on-chip memory and at least 30 GPIO's in India ?

I am doing a project involving :

touch-screen +LCD+SDCard : OR

The Atmega328p chip runs out of both pins and memory in making the project run.

I have a budget for the project.The lesser it is the more better the project is.If not possible by any means then I will increase the budget. =(

I thought of using two atmega328p chips as these are very cheap ~230INR in so that the entire budget of the project is 230x2 + 999/1299 = 1359/1659 But it is also not possible since I'll have to send data among them and I THINK ( ie. not tested and verified) they'll run out of memory and pins.

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 is the solution to the problem but as I've mentioned I need to cut my budget.

The bare-bones micro-controller of Mega will work perfectly but I'm unable to find anybody selling it . It will be helpful for me if somebody knows any place/store where it is available.

Also if you know any other cheap AVR/PIC/Texas instruments boards/chips that can perform the job and is cheap and available in india (please refer the best store) it will do for me .

Thank You for your time and generosity.