Buying a Basic Setup

Basically, when I go to the Spark Fun Electronics page I see a number of purchase options. I understand the difference between the USB and the bluetooth device, but it seems like there are several USB options any recommendations on what to buy for a pretty basic functional Arduino setup? do I have to purchase an AC adapter as well?

The Arduino USB NG board is the beast (cheapest) option. The only nearest one is the arduino mini which requires a separate programming adapter. The basic board is a great start.

I had this exact same problem understanding the differences. No, you don’t need an AC adapter–it is powered via USB.

The project I’m working on doesn’t have a computer nearby, but I still don’t need an AC adapter–tonight I’m going attach a 9V battery (or maybe two of them) to a wall wart plug and power it that way.

I bought the NG too. I already have electronic components and I had to borrow a USB cable, but otherwise it’s fully functional as is.