buying an arduino uno/mega and Ethernet shield

Hey everyone! I have a few questions im not a 100% sure that this is where i need to post but it made the most since to me...any ways my question is I have the SainSmart 1602 LCD Keypad Shield ( I going to be buying an arduino ether mega or uno with an Ethernet shield. I have always been one to buy a OEM or a genuine product ie "Arduino brand" I found on ebay all 3 products (mega,uno,ethernet) for 47.90 Is it a bad idea to buy a third party product or is there not much of a difference?

Who knows how compatible it is. There don't appear to be any makers listed on the boards silkscreens (or they positioned the boards so you can't see the maker marks which is common on these 'compatible' boards). Maybe it is 100% compatible, maybe not.

I will note, they mention USB cable X1, which might mean they use the older UNO method of downloading firmware with the FTDI cables, and not the method used in the R3. I also see a note that you may need to take off the ethernet shield when downloading your software. If so, taking the shield off and putting it back on would be a hassle during development.

Obviously, the Arduino team gets no revenue from this sale, if that is important to you.

Hi, Another possible issue is physical clearance between the Ethernet connection on the Ethernet shield and the LCD/Switch shield.

You may need added “stacking connectors” like these:

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