Buying items on this site

does anybody know how long it takes to get an order from this site (to Austria)? Because I have orderes an Arduino more than a week ago - the tracking number doesn’t work also…
I even can’t find where the shipping starts or where the company adress is (do they shipp it from China or Italy or anywhere else?)

For a lot of us the origin has been Hungary.

The whole shop had a very recent overhaul and it is known that a few items fell through the cracks so might be in your interest to chase things up a little.

There is a contact form in the shop

And it looks like they finished updating it too.

Hello @jholzweber,

Did you manage to get your order? We would like to hear from you.

Best regards,

Hola, soy de Argentina y estoy interesado en comprar productos desde su pagina. Queria saber si habría alguna sucursal en buenos aires de sus productos. De no haber, me gustaría consultar los gastos de envío, tiempo de tardanza del traslado y de dónde se envían los productos