Buying products in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Hello XD Wondering where people buy their products from in Brisbane? Can people please list places, found an old post describing exactly this. However it is in the old read-only forum, and the sites listed have been changed. "Farnell" for example is now known as "element14" and seems very awkward and non-genuine. "littlebird electronics" which was described as the best in the old post had certificates belonging to other websites, while not a huge deal, could easily be credit card theft website and I don't want to take the risk...

Thanks G. 8)

Farnell is still good despite the name change :), I get most of my stuff from them.

RS components.

I haven't used Littlebird but they are legit AFAIK.


Robot gear (I've dealt with them they are good)

Ocean Controls

None of them in Brisbane I think but these days that doesn't matter much, I doubt there are any actual shops you can browse unless you count Jaycar.

I also buy from Sparkfun quite a lot.


Thanks $)