Buying sensors

Hello, I'm sorry if this is a non-allowed post, but I'm really really wondering one thing.

Where do the dutch arduino users get they're sensors. As the shop listed here with the longest list of articles isn't quite the cheapest ;).

To be honest, this shop is often even more expensive than getting it from the USA. Can someone please point me in a good, but cheap, direction?

DickBest is very good for buying electronic stuff:

I'm not on my own pc right now so don't have my favourites.

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Stupid forum software in the Netherlands that’s a normal name for a person.

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[edit]yes, so it does ;D[/edit]

Thanks for Dick Best, it helps a lot, as the Arduino selling suplier is calculating at least 25! euro's in shipping for anyting under like 200 euro's of order... handling 8-) That for inland shipping.

“Dick” is a normal name in the USA too, but everyone I know still giggles if anyone says it ::).

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Also have a look at this (have ordered a lot of parts from it):

And some other links: For Arduino stuff

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