Buying the Motor Control Shield

Koray and I would really like to use the motor control shield for a course I am about to teach. Is there anyone who is selling them? Or maybe someone would be willing to make a bunch for us for a fee?

You can buy them from PCB Europe:

I have a bunch of Arduino Motor PCBs. email me to

I just found the parts list for this board, it's somewhat hidden :wink: Here it is:

The NKC electronics site says this about the parts: "The parts list shows motor controller L293E, but the correct motor controller is L293D" Which one is correct?

The same parts list is in the Arduino website.

The motor board has a 16-pin DIP for the motor driver, and the 293E needs 20 pins. There are 2 options for the 16-pin DIP:


From the datasheet, 293D has internal clamp diodes. The 293B does not.

I have a few questions about the parts list.
What are the values of C10,C11,C12 and C13!!


Question in general about the motor shield -

Is the point of the shield, as opposed to using the L293D by itself, that you get PWM motor control for two motors, in both directions?

Using the L293D by itself I think you are stuck with only getting PWM control for 3 out of the 4 directions as there are only 3 PWM pins on the arduino.

Is this right or am I on the wrong track? I don't fully understand how the 74HC00N works.


I have a few questions about the parts list.
What are the values of C10,C11,C12 and C13!!


0.1uF, ceramic caps

I have bought the Arduino serial v2.0 kit with stepper motor shield. I noticed that the power regulator IC (IC2) stands much taller than the rest of the components. Will it prevent the shield from mating properly? I have not yet soldered the IC.

About the motorshield:

  • the motorshield v2, which is the one available at different shops, has the capability of controlling 4 DC motors in one direction or 2 DC motors bidirectionally. With a little hack it can also handle Steppermotors

  • it counts with inputs for rotary encoders and two pushbuttons that can be assembled on-board for all kinds of applications

  • the pushbutton pins can also be used as outputs (activated through active LOW) since there are LEDs to indicate the pins are at LOW

There is a rev3 of this design in the way that will make easier to switch between DC motor control and Stepper control.


I have the version 3 of motor control shield. Any example code out there?

I don't how to program it to run dc motors, stepper motors and use of encoders.