Buzz wire game - scheme (help)

Hello :slight_smile:
I'm making a Buzz Wire Game with Arduino as my school project. I have a tiny but frustrating problem with drawing a circuit in Fritzing. This is probably very stupid, but I can't find this part - square with circle in it (next to the note "to course" and "to handle").
I understand the purpose of it but I simply can't find it in Fritzing >:(
What is it's name and how can I add it?

here is an image of it:

If I don't find it I will just improvise with drawing the handle and the course with wires (but that doesn't look as good as this in the picture)

Thank you very much, please help and sorry for bothering you with my stupidity (lol) :slight_smile:

Forget how to draw it in Fritzing's "breadboard" view, no-one likes those here anyway. Use the "schematic" view and represent the two wires going to the handle and course as some kind of connector like a PCB header or jack plug.

What's more important is this: that circuit is dangerous and could easily damage the Arduino. If the player drops the handle/wand, and it touches something that is grounded, then a short-circuit would occurr which could burn out the Arduino's regulator or damage the PC/laptop providing USB power.

Connect the course to ground. Connect the handle/wand to an input pin. Use pinMode(pin, INPUT_PULLUP) in setup(). If the wand touches the course, digitalRead(pin) will give LOW, otherwise HIGH. No resistors needed.

Why you want to use an Arduino for this game at all, I'm not sure. Seems like a waste of an Arduino.