Buzzer, Flame sensor and 315 mhz transmitter and receiver

Hi, What i want to do is when the flame sensor sense heat nearby, it will activate the buzzer wirelessly. So i want the flamesensor to use the transmitter to send a signal to the receiver which will activate the buzzer. What is the coding for this setup?

Hang on. A flame sensor does not sense heat, it detects a flame by the ionisation that occurs in a flame.

The code depends on your exact schematic.

We do not write code to order here we help you write it. So first post your schematic and then the code you have tried to use.

I have only code the receiver side. The results im getting right now is it randomly detects flame even when there is no flame nearby. Im pretty new to posting my projects online, how do i send you the schematic?

int analogInPin = A5 ; int buzzer = 11; void setup() {

Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT); pinMode(analogInPin, INPUT);


void loop() { Serial.print("Sensor Value: "); int x = analogRead (A5); Serial.println(x);

if (x > 100) { Serial.println(" FLAME DETECTED!"); digitalWrite(11,HIGH); } else { digitalWrite(11,LOW); } delay(500); }

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It will also tell you how to post code as well which you are getting wrong at the moment.