Buzzer problem

I am using a HC-06 bluetooth module, a neopixel ring and a buzzer in a project.
Here is my problem:
I am having a noise from the buzzer when the hc 06 is connected and it gets louder when my neopixel ring turns on.
Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?


Hard to say with so little detail but it sounds like a power supply that is not up to the current demand or lack of decoupling in your system.

Sorry, i dont know what to say but here is the simple sketch that i used just to test the buzzer.
Its sounds good but when i connect the bluetooth HC06(which i dont have the sketch yet, i just connect it) and the buzzer starts the make an extra weird sound. :confused:

int buzzer=5;

void setup() {


void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


i just connect it

How did you just connect it?
Did you glue it to the side with wallpaper paste?

i dont have the sketch yet

I which case how did you know what to connect.

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