BY8301-16P Loading sounds.

Cheap enough but so far I can't load any sounds onto it.
I have scoured the web and watched several U-Tube videos but still no luck.
The videos say to just plug it in and load the videos as if it were just another storage device.
My computer does sees the device as a drive but when I try to load a file it says I need to insert a disk.
On the By8301-16P there is no disk or card to insert.

I tried this on three separate computers, a Windows 10, a Windows 7, and an XP. No luck at all.
The data sheet gives me nothing about loading files.

I bought two of these and get the same with both. Maybe defective ?

Any ideas ???

No replies so I give up.

These appear to be a case of hit or miss cheap Chinese boards.
Some work, some don't I guess.

They were cheap so into the trash can they go.

Too bad. Might just be, that you need to 5V supply power to pins? The USB port might not provide any/sufficient power to operate the device.

According to what I found on the web USB is all that's needed.

They are out in the trash bin right now. Another Chinese module gone and forgotten.

Oh well.

I only have experience with the brother module ( BY8001-16P ). When I hooked it up to USB, using separate 5V power supply, it disables normal operation while connected by USB so it can show file directory and transfer files. Disconnecting the USB and it resumes operating normally. Removing the SD-card while connected by USB, ejects the device on the PC.