BYFR - Popular Mechanics - was working, now not

I finished building this robot April 21, and it worked fine.

The next day, I decided to tidy up my file system, then removed, and reinstalled Arduino.

Now, the Blink program works.

The BYFR_ServosOnly program works, with the exception that it goes only in reverse, and does the turns, but never goes forward.

The popmech_robot-10 either sits motionless, or goes in reverse. When it is going in reverse, the switches make it turn, then go in reverse. It never goes forward. This is similar to the ServosOnly, in that it never goes forward. The remote has no effect (IR recvr re-tested).

I have checked all the connections.

Any suggestions appreciated, Don Oliver

I don't know what 'this robot' is.

Check your connections again.

"this robot" is in the subject line - BYFR - Popular Mechanics ;) Don

dxw00d: I don't know what 'this robot' is.

Check your connections again.

Thanks. A link would have been helpful.

Thanks. A link would have been helpful.

Sorry, I should have thought of it.


Well, I decided that it must be a problem with the servos, so removed the wheels, and re-zeroed the pots. Now the BYFR_ServosOnly works, and the popmech_robot_10 works, with the exception of the remote control. That's a separate problem, and it was working, so should be able to find it.

The servos are old Futaba S148, which I modified for continuous rotation by removing the potentiometer stops. If they continue to go out of calibration, I may have to open them up, and replace the pots with fixed resistors. I do not really want to do that; too much trouble.

Thanks for looking into this for me.