Bypasing the atmega328 on Arduino Uno

Hello everyone, was making an uno project with multiple boards. To communicate between all arduinos i wanted to use Xbee. I have the shield as well which sits on top of Uno board. But i am wondering to code Xbee using XCTU, do i have to connect the board normally to pc with Xbee connected onboard or there is another method shown online stating that i can bypass Atmega328 by shorting the GND and RESET pin on the Uno board. But the for second method i have no idea whether it will be safe or not. I know about Xbee explorer or FTDI adapters but they are not available locally hence i want to know if any of the two is possible.Please suggest if any other method also exist. Thank you

Connecting reset to ground will hold your Arduino in a reset state so you can use the RX/TX pins (0 & 1) to talk to an attached serial device. I use my 3.3V Arduino this way to allow firmware update on my ESP8266 modules as I could not find my 3.3V FTDI adaptor (found the adaptor today at work)