bypass arduino fio and communicate directly xbee to xbee

greetings, from the research i have done over the last few days (noob),it seems that the arduino fio/xbee doesnt like to do the point-to-multipoint networking the xbee alone is capable of, which was my primary reason for buying them (PLEASE let me know if i am wrong about this!). so i decided to just use the Xbees alone, but that would mean a drastic reduction in the number of digital io, and the inbuilt power/battery charging capabilities, so i wanted to know if there is a way to "turn off" the arduino fio and just use its battery charger and io to feed the xbee? that way i can still use the Fio's to hold the xbees and power them but also bypass the arduino capablilities which should allow me to program their mesh networking properties and at the much higher data rate the radios are capable of. unless someone knows how to do point-to-multipoint networking "with" the fio.

any ideas? thanks!


It looks like you can just connect the Reset of the ATmega to ground and talk to the Xbee through the TX0 and RX1 pins.

The Xbee appears to be controlled with AT commands (like an old modem) so perhaps you can use the multipoint or mesh features of the Xbee. There is an ATCE1 command to make the module a "Coordinator" (like a bus master?). Perhaps that will enable multipoint

hmmm...i may try that this week. my nose is in the "building wireless networks" book to see if i am (probably) wrong about my assumption, but if i am not, then i will most definitely take your suggestion. thanks!

I know this is an old thread, but i have the EXACT same question. Can I not use the fio's if i want to do mesh networking? Except for only as a way to power the device? Plus if that is true, is there a way to use the XBee io pins (without bending them) while its being supported.