bypass caps proper routing?

Quick question guys, when using bypass caps as you can see here in the image , one side is going to a ground plane then the other side is a power trace , should the power trace enter through the cap to have the coupling effect or can i just route it straight to the pad and the cap will still do its job , its is still connected ...

You can route it directly to the IC pad. The cap will do it's job blocking high frequency junk from the chip and vice versa. Only important thing is to keep it as close as possible to the chip.

Likewise, you can (and should) connect the ground pin of the IC direct to the ground plane, instead of connecting it to the cap through a trace.

Use wide traces between supply and ground pins and their decoupling capacitors. Keep them short.
The key insight is that stray inductance between the chip and its decoupling capacitor(s) renders them
less effective. Narrow traces have higher inductance than wide ones - when 4 and 6 layer PCBs are used
then whole layers are devoted to ground and supply planes (a ground plane is as low-inductance as it gets).

In that layout I'd widen the tracks to the cap at 32 or 40mil.

You may want to consider a SMT capacitor on the bottom foil, right next to the 2 IC pins.