Bypass Curie chip in Arduino 101

I’m trying to interface the ESP8266 module with Arduino 101. I interfaced it easily using the Uno board, by connecting the GND and RESET pins on the board, so the chip on the Uno board was bypassed, making the ESP module as default for programming. I tried the same technique using the 101 board, but it doesn’t work. The board resets at constant intervals, hence making a constant connection/disconnection sound on my PC. How can I put the chip to sleep or off state for a temporary interval, so that I can make use of the module?

Just buy a USB-serial adapter breakout board (FTDI FT232, CH340, etc.). They're less than $2 with free shipping on eBay or Aliexpress.

Use the Arduino as an Arduino.

See ESP8266-01 Wifi Shield, Rev 14 for Arduino and other micros for detailed instructions on programming the ESP8266