bypassing a potenciometer

hi guys,

I have a problem..

I'm trying to use arduino as substitution of the human input in my rc controller.. but it seems that is doing it by impulse (is not constant).

I'm using pwm with a bc547c transistor a 1k resistor for pwm impulse an nothing else.

i0m wondering if i have to put a RC circuit... but if its true, where?


Some details, perhaps?

there is


low pass filter where?, i have to apologise for so short talk but i have a arm hang on my chest and i cant write as well as i wish. did you understood my design?


I Ddn't understood what your saying man..


okok, i know thefilter, but where i put it? in the base leg of the transistor? i love doing and getting every thing by me! but now i'm lost...