byte array definition

Hi, I am trying to use a byte array defining it with byte buff[6];

however I get the error "BYTE keyword no longer supported".

What am I doing wrong?



You need to post code, but I'm guessing you've got a Serial.print(x, BYTE); somewhere

BYTE and byte are completely different things. One is a keyword. The other is a type.

It would appear as though you installed 1.0 without reading the release notes. And, it would appear that you completely forgot to search for the error message you are seeing to see if it hadn't already been posted 100 times.

Thanks guys.

1) I have read the release notes. 2) I do understand the difference between BYTE keyword and variable class 3) there is no SerialWrite in the code...

However, while there is no problem declaring a byte variable like this byte onebyte;

there is an error as soon as you try to declare a byte array like this byte arraybyte[6];

the second gives the "BYTE keyword no longer supported error".

and here is the code snippet: void getAccelerometerData(int * result) { int regAddress = 0x32; //first axis-acceleration-data register on the ADXL345 byte buff[6];

readFrom(ACC, regAddress, A_TO_READ, buff); //read the acceleration data from the ADXL345


which gives the error.



and here is the code snippet:

When we say "post the code" we really do mean all of it. You've probably got a #define somewhere that references BYTE.

If you don’t believe AWOL, change the array type to uint8_t. It is the same size as byte, and will be happily accepted by any function that expects a byte (array). If the problem persists, it is caused by something elsewhere in your code.

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