Byte Pointer Comparison

Hi there!
In my code (adapted from a tiny mqtt exemple) there are a byte pointer variable that will receive the content of a mqtt subscription. This subscription will just receive 1 or 0. 1 to tunr a relay on and 0 to turn a relay off.
The problem is that I need to know how to compare this pointer on my code to decide what action need to be done.
I am a begginer in C++ and don't know how to do this comparison.
Can some one help me with this, please?
This is the part of my code that I am talking about:

void mqttCallback(char* topic, byte* message, unsigned int len) {
  Serial.print("Message arrived [");
  Serial.print("]: ");
  Serial.write(message, len);

  if (String(topic) == tRoubado) {
    if(message[0] == msg[0]) {  // declared as unsigned char* msg; at the beginning of my code, it was just an attempt that didn't work
      Serial.println("PASSOU PELO IF");
      digitalWrite(disparaAlarme, liga);
    } else {
      Serial.println("PASSOU PELO ELSE");
      digitalWrite(disparaAlarme, desliga);
    mqtt.publish(tRoubadoEst, message ? "1" : "0");
if ( message[0] == '0' ) {
  // do something
else {
  // do something else

or declare this at the top of your sketch

unsigned char msg[] = "0";

but note that this will only work if you have 1 char. It would not work with a string like "on" or "off" since you would need to use strcmp() for that.

So easy and me getting beaten up by the code.
Thank you so much!