Bytemath for a remotecontrol via BTLE

hi guys,

im fighting to let my arduino uno + hm10 BTLE module control
a parrot minidrone, the model is named mambo.

So to now command it i decoded the commands that must be sent
to the drone. I found several projects that use java to sent the
commands to the drone, without arduino unfortunately.

I tried to filter out the command wich should be sent as byte written in
the Parrot Protocols SDK. From the project linked here i got these bytes for my takeOff command:

FA0B, FA0B, 0x00, 0x03, 0x00

tried to sent them as this but always had issues using char variables, then i translated it to longs

64011, 64011, 0, 3, 0

but still no reaction from the drone.
Am I missing something in the bytemath or are my variables not "good" for BTLE?


Can you help by telling us what page in the SDK is relevant. I don't feel like studying the whole thing.


page 14 low in the SDK.
I have a lot of other references to name, but didnt want to post too many. The most recent
is the one i named above.

I have had a look at the SDK document and a very brief look at your other link. Sorry, but it would take me several hours to make sense of it all and I am not prepared to put that much time into it. I think I would also need to have the hardware to test my learning on.


i can understand that.
thanks very much for the try