C: 429 error initialization

I am yrying to get the LED blinking program to work and the program will absolutly not validate I even cut and paste the example and I keep getting the c: 429 error: (new initialization for 'digital-pin-to-bit_mask_prgm [19]') what is this?


My [u]guess[/u] is that you have an older or newer version of the AVR tools installed. Search the computer for AVR-GCC.EXE.

Did you really cut and paste?

Those should be underscores in the variable name, not dashes.

It is unlikely that this is a hardware problem, so you may get better answers over at the "Software" section.

It looks like the problem lies in "pins_arduino.c", but it's hard to imagine what it is.

"const uint8_t PROGMEM digital_pin_to_port_PGM[]" is defined twice, but is protected by "#if defined(AVR_ATmega1280)", so shouldn't cause a problem.

Have you set the board type correctly in the IDE? What OS and what version of Arduino are you using?

Try compiling this:

void setup () {}
void loop () {}

What happens?

I tried compiling it and I get the same error? any ideas?



I am using the latest Arduino and the latest software. I am going to reload the software tonight