C# book mainly on sensors suggestion needed

Hi all

? have general overview about code writin and structure. Now i want to learn write code with c# language but i dont know where to start. ? would Be happy for any recommendations.


Now i want to learn write code with c# language

Code for what? Not the Arduino.

For now i only use arduino uno and very happy with it. On the other hand i will need to work with c# language. This forum is very dynamic so i wondered that somebody could help in this aspect.

I doubt you're going to find any C# books even remotely on sensors, never mind mainly on sensors. Other than that, a recommendation will depend on your current programming experience. If you're already an experienced programming, then Pro C# 5.0 and the .Net 4.5 Framework (ISBN-13: 978-1430242338) is a pretty comprehensive coverage of the C# language and .NET libraries.

C# 5.0 in a Nutshell (ISBN-13: 978-1449320102) is also pretty comprehensive. Not quite as comprehensive as Pro C# 5.0 in many areas, but it does provide much better coverage of a couple areas. Threading in particular gets pretty extensive coverage.

Both of those books assume you are already an experienced programmer. They aren't going to show you how to use for loops and if statements (beyond just their proper syntax within the C# language), or go over the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (which is pretty much a requirement for learning C#). Unfortunately, I can't really offer up any recommendations for beginners books.

Thanks Jraskell I the nutshell wil help me alot for my purpuses. :P