C/C++ Websocket client for Yun : Please advise


Has anybody used C/C++ Websocket client on Yun.

Please point me to some documentation/pointers on this.

Thank you very much

Sincere Regards

libwebsockets Home page


Openwrt Makefile:


install at Yun then run example;

libwebsockets-test-echo --client echo.websocket.org
[412266:8359] NOTICE: Built to support client operations
[412266:8373] NOTICE: Built to support server operations
lwsts[13418]: libwebsockets echo test - (C) Copyright 2010-2013 Andy Green <andy@warmcat.com> - licensed under LGPL2.1

lwsts[13418]: Running in client mode

lwsts[13418]: Initial logging level 7

lwsts[13418]: Library version: 1.3 e81b29b

lwsts[13418]:  Started with daemon pid 0

lwsts[13418]:  static allocation: 4456 + (12 x 1024 fds) = 16744 bytes

lwsts[13418]:  canonical_hostname = Arduino

lwsts[13418]: Client connecting to echo.websocket.org:80....

lwsts[13418]: Client connected to echo.websocket.org:80

lwsts[13418]: Client has connected

lwsts[13418]: Client TX: hello from libwebsockets-test-echo client pid 13418 index 0

Download libwebsockets:

Download libwebsockets-examples: