C#, one button, uno

Hi everyone, I want to press a button which is connect digital input 2 in arduino uno and when ı press the digitalinput2 button ı want to see in c# screen a texbox message like '' button on''. I researched on internet document but ı didnt find out any document about simple serial digital reading and arduino serial write... I need your support. I need simple arduino serial sending digital data code and c# serial recevibg digital code.... Thanks now.


??? Paying??? :)) is it joke? This platform for sharing...


Yes ı want free code... Bu you said '' how much paying? ''


ilkercan: Yes ı want free code... Bu you said '' how much paying? ''

Thiss fora is 'programming questions', not 'free programming service'. Look at this tutorial. It might give you some ideas how to solve your problem.

ok ok you right.ı accapte its a fault about my question,ı change my question.ı have a project about c# and arduino comminication,ı wrote same code arduino and c# but they are not online.for example ı touch button 1 and c# textbox is writing ''water fault'' then ı change input 2(oil fault) but is not writing c# .if ı close c# degun control display and ı start again ı can see on textbox 'oil fault''...do you know what can ı do to see online data changing...???