C++ programs for sending command to RFID reader

hi everyone,

can anyone help me to write the C++ program to send command using RS232 to RFID(omron reader V720S-BC5D4A) to read the tag continuously? i am a very new to this RFID inviroment and my supvisor ask me to re-code the program for that reader. i have designed the antenna for reader and i need to measure the SWR values, and in order to measure the SWR values, the reader needs to transmit the singal at all time. the existing program is to transmit the signal at toggle mode so that i need to re-code the program but the existing program is in java and unavailable. the command for the reader to transmit the signal constantly is " 00RDSRAA0001", but i don't know how to put that command using C++ program.. i will be using RS232 (com2), baud rate: 9600, parity : even.


What hardware are you using to talk with RFID tags?

omron RFID reader/Writer ( model V720S-BC5D4A) with my own design antenna (to detect the tag).

Uhhh your on the wrong site. This site is about the Arduino. :slight_smile:

Uhhh your on the wrong site. This site is about the Arduino. :)

hehe :) though i doubt that there is a dedicated V720S-BC5D4A-vs.-C++ forum anywhere on the internet.

@4may: why does it have to be C++ from the start? just try to talk to the device using a serial port tool. select the port, speed and parity and send your commands. if the device (i have no experience with rfid-readers) does what you want it to do, you know that you're on the right way. the next thing to do would be finding a c++ forum, and (do a search first) ask there how to write commands to serial port.

still there might be simpler solutions (for you) using some scripting language instead of c++. since your talking about com ports, i guess you're asking for a windows program/skript. you might even try to your luck with the arduino serial proxy application + flash.

there are readymade solutions out there. just search for them.