C# set multiple integers value of arduino sketch

Hello friends, I'm creating a GUI with C#: arduino alarm with time module ds3231.
User choose the number of alarms with Add: for ex. add new alarm(hour minute).
I find in the internet only one project like this (Smiley’s Workshop 55: The Arduino Proto Shield Alarm Clock — Part 2 | Nuts & Volts Magazine).
But there are few mistakes when I compile the sketch in this adress. Please help me to do this project. (sorry for grammar mistakes)


Have a look at the examples in Serial Input Basics - simple reliable ways to receive data. There is also a parse example to illustrate how to extract numbers from the received text.

The technique in the 3rd example will be the most reliable. It is what I use for Arduino to Arduino and Arduino to PC communication.

You can send data in a compatible format with code like this (or the equivalent in any other programming language)

Serial.print('<'); // start marker
Serial.print(','); // comma separator
Serial.println('>'); // end marker