C++ Tutorials

Does anyone know of any good C++ tutorials or reference as I want to expand my coding abilities.


cplusplus.com cppreference.com MSDN C++ Reference

C++ How to program

Additionaly one can always ask google, or this forum :)

I may well do. I always struggle to figure out the correct ways to complete tasks.

As a wise maths teach of mine once said: It's not intelligence that enables you; it is experience. Experience you cannot teach and experience comes with practice!


I find it very tutoring(?) to read other peoples code, and libraries.

But as you said, or passed on. Experience is golden.

Thinking in C++ is a very good book (actually 2 volumes) about C++. It's long, but it's great, try it (it's free too :D )

I can second the Thinking in C++ (and Thinking in Java) suggestion.

I do as little C++ hacking as I can, but when I have to do it right, I reach for this book.