C1937-01 16 Digit Display

Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on restoring an old Jukebox Rowe Ami 1988 (Picture) In fact, the Jukebox itself was pretty damaged, by fire from an old pub. So it's more like a renew, with technology of today, than a restore.

Everything almost done, except this little display on the upper left side (The bright blue strip on my picture). On the original display we can read 3 numbers (4 digit each), -Selection Remaining -Selection Playing -Selection Being made

For now I'm using a little LCD Display (Like this one) but, I would like something, alot more, like the original display.

The original display circuit board, from the jukebox, work pretty well. But for my project I would like to interface the display with an Arduino. The jukebox display is drived by a "C1937-01"

My question is, after my speech, is it possible to interface a C1937-01 chip with an arduino ? Here the best Datasheet I've found : alldatasheet.com

I'm not very familiar with these kind of datas transmission. Thank you in advance, Have a nice day.

looks like you need shiftOut() on the CLK and DATA lines. - see tutorial pages arduino.cc/tutorial/home something

Actually, this is not working. Are you sure this is what I need? If you are sure, I'll keep looking for my curcuit. But my circuit seem to be good. It's more like the chip isn't interpreting my data.