Cabinet Lighting System

Hello Arduino Community, I'm currently in the middle of making a lighting system for my cabinet, I'm wanting it to turn the lights on when each draw opens as well as detect motion in the equipment sections (so when someone puts their hand inside the light for that section will turn on.

The I'm wanting to use RGB LEDs and a universal remote to change the light settings.

The problem I'm having is, I'm just starting to test a few things out and can already see that the lights become dimmer and dimmer for each LED I add to the "mix" so what should I use to power all this? when I'm testing this I had it hooked to my laptop but I will be hooking it to a USB power adapter. I've tried both of those methods just to see it the current will be any stronger to keep the LEDs bright but nothing.

[u]So what kind of components should I use?[/u]

The original USB power specification was for 5 volts at 0.5 amps maximum: this is 2.5 watts. Later versions increased the amps and some rare USB power supplies will give 3A, which equals 15W. This is very little power to run anything like lighting up a cabinet.

15 watts is very small for even a regular wall-wart power supply. It's easy to get more watts although they usually have more volts too: maybe 12v.

Can you give us a schematic of what you're trying to do? Even a hand drawing photographed with a cellphone is OK. Remember that even though you can get 40mA out of an Arduino pin, you can't do that with every pin at once - the total current draw from all pins is also quite limited.

I am using an external 5volt @ 40 amp power supply with WS2812B neopixel strips, with Arduino. Similar to this strip: