cable cam controller

hello guys n girls,

i have made a cable cam using my rc knowledge but are wanting to take it a step further and add in some endpoint control to stop running into the tree at the end of the cable. i have a couple of pro mini’s around and an uno, but only know basic programming. Where is the best place to get someone to write a sketch for this as it is very much above what i am capable off?

The actions are straight forward, i will install a rotary encoder (E6A2-CW3C) onto the existing trolley my rc receiver will plug into the pro-mini one for esc and one for a switch to set up the start and endpoints,along with the encoder.

how i see it working would be:

1.install cable
2.attach trolley to cable trolley to start point
4.flick switch a to set start point ( pro mini either logs reading from encoder or re-setts to 0 as “startpoint” ) (Buzzer starts beeping to confirm in measurement mode) trolley to endpoint flick switch a back to original position (pro mini logs reading from encoder as “endpoint” ) ( buzzer produces long beep to confirm data stored/ready to use)
6. trolley can be driven between points ( at approx 1.5m form either “startpoint” or “endpoint” the pro mini reduces the speed of the trolley until 0 at end/start point.

I appreciate the 1.5m will need to be calculate from the revolution of the trolley wheel and how the encoder is setup on this etc.

does this seem straight forward enough?

any help greatly appreciated.


John H

What is the receiver for? From the description, it sounds like you just need a switch, a rotary encoder, a buzzer, an ESC, and a programmed arduino.