Cable for a Display

Hello, I have a question, The display ( ) must be about 20 cm away from the Arduino Nano, I have still until now found no possibility with which this is possible. The display comes in a place where there is almost no space, so I need a cable with which it is possible to keep the display there. So my question is if there is a cable for my problem? Because I have never done anything like this before, I know nothing about it. Thank you for your answers! xXH_HXx

It sounds like you want a self-supporting remote display on a stalk. Why can't you use some ribbon jumper, bundled with heat-shrink, and with a length of stiff insulated wire inside for additional support?

Do you have enough space for Dupont cables? Would be easy solution. e.g.

Thank you so much! Well I still have a question if there is a cable to get the display a few inches away from the other thing in the picture?