Cable Measurement


Seems like a strange one however as part of a wider project I am going to need to use an Arduino to measure the thickness of a cable, does anyone have a bright ideas on what would be the best way to go about doing this, the cables will range between around 4mm (Cables such as CAT 5 and Microphone Cable) all the way to thick 125A 3Ø Mains cable.

Thanks in advance!

Is this a bench-mounted device that you bring the cable to or do you have to carry it out to where the cable is?

The cheap digital vernier calipers from discount tool stores often have a TTL serial data output. There's a number of online guides showing you how to hook up to them.

Here's one. I don't see where it mentions the caliper model tho.

Thats a good idea, I didn't realise that the callipers could be interfaced like that. The cable is brought to the device to answer your question MorganS.

should be straight forward to build something similat to

Where the upper traveling roller has an arm that changes a linear potentiometer.