Cable ribon

Hello, I would like to find some cable ribon, like those we can find in some toolkit. But impossible to find a reference or a provider. I would like to buy several meters, and the connectors too. Do you have an idea? Thank you Didier

Like this?

I bought some from ebay few weeks ago...just to a search

I would like to say yes. The problem is that I already ordered some ribbon like that, and it's always some computers ribbon (flat, or very small), not like those I got in the toolkit. the pitch seems to be ok. What about the cable diameter? Is it the as the standalone cable for arduino (or raspberry, etc). Didier

What's "the toolkit"?

Sorry, starter kit
like that
arduino starter kit at DuckDuckGo.SL160.jpg

And some photos.
On cable3, you can see the differences between the “flat” on the rigut and the one I am looking for (but by meters).
Thank you



The one's with dupont connectors on are hook-up wire, they are only available in short lengths. You are asking for a custom cable assembly, that's expensive, and custom. Bulk cable is always sold as cut by the metre.