Cadence OrCad footprint for ATMega328P

Hi folks,

I'm pretty new to PCB design, and I want to use Cadence OrCad to design my project (because I got a free key through my college) . My problem is that I can't seem to find the footprint for the ATMega328P TQFP package is there a database of footprints somewhere on the internet that I've completely missed, or am I attacking this from the wrong angle?

I've considered to design the footprint myself, but it seems like a rather comprehensive when I'm completely new to this, and I can't be the first person who needs a footprint for such a widely used ยต-processor.

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If Cadance can import component objects, SparkFun has a great Eagle library:

It seems that these libraries are used for the Eagle software. How would I find the correct Footprint library for Cadence?
I'm looking for the Arduino 101 Footprint library. I already have the Design and Module for it which I can open in OrCAD Capture, but the Footprint Library file is empty which means I can't actually use the software yet.

Thanks in advance.