Calatex SD Card Reader Modification

I dare say this is not something that has been asked before (and probably for good reason!!!)…

I have been working on a long term project to measure the fuel consumption in a race car. I have had the code and components working on the benchtop and have recently designed and 3D printed an enclosure.

I am using a Catalex SD Card breakout to log data to but the design of it does not allow it to be nicely mounted in an enclosure such that the SD card can be inserted without opening the enclosure. I therefore decided to try modifying the breakout by cutting the end off the PCB thus allowing the SD card slot to protrude over the PCB. See the attached pictures of an old broken breakout that I practiced on.

When I cut the board I did note there is a sheet of copper on the top and bottom of the PCB but there are definitely no tracks in the area that I cut.

Does anybody know if my modification will kill the board? Are there perhaps hidden tracks that I cannot see?