Calculate Distance, Speed and Acceleration

Hi Everyone,

I am just a newbie to Arduino and would like to know

  1. How to calculate the distance (absolute distance), speed or/and acceleration of a device (say a robot from point A to point B)

How to carry on with this?
What sensors should I use - Accelerometer or Gyroscope or IMU
How to program it - Using Arduino

I would appreciate some guidance in any form - link, references, videos

Thank you

distance = speed * time.
acceleration = change in speed over time.
Measure speed (easiest is by using a rotary encoder on a wheel, preferably a free rolling third/fifth wheel - that failing one of the unpowered wheels of your robot), and the rest follows.

Thank you for your reply wvmarle

But, I would like to implement using the Accelerometer and using Integrals.
I would like to get some ideas on how to start on it.

Thank you

Well, if you don't care about accuracy you may be able to get somewhere.

I've never used accelerometers myself, but there are lots of code examples for the things in this forum, the Arduino playground must have some, and lots of tutorials all over the Internet.

As of now, I too don't mind caring the accuracy. I just would like to find a starting point to begin with.