Calculate windchill and dew point

I have a weather station using Arduino, where I get basic data (temperature, humidity, pressure, wind) and I need to calculate the dew point and windchill. Does anyone have a functional equation?

Hope this helps

float windChillFactor(float temperature, float windspeed){
    float windindex = 35.74f + 0.6215f * temperature;
    windindex -= 35.75f * std::pow(windspeed, 0.16f);
    windindex += 0.4275f * temperature * std::pow(windspeed, 0.16f);
    return windindex;

Found with an internet search. Still looking for the other one. Let us know what you find.

What units are temperature and windspeed in?

Not trying to hihack this thread, but could explain the "std:: " proceeding the pow(x,y) function?

I couldn't find a google reference. I'm guessing its a syntax so a normally required "include" is not needed but don't really know.

I just found that formula on the internet and have not used it yet. My weather station produces all its readings as floats.

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